Development of economic ties between Iran, Iraq accelerated

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Development of economic ties between Iran, Iraq accelerated


“Iraq and Iran enjoy many common social, cultural, religious, political and economic aspects, and according to the conducted negotiations between the two countries and holding of joint meetings and commissions, while comprehensive US sanctions were imposed on Iran, we were able to take effective steps to expand relations in different sectors including export of products in various fields and development of non-oil exports,”  said Mohammad Vali Alaoddini.

Noting that Iranian products are well-accepted in Iraq, he added “Exports of agricultural goods, dairy products, dam construction, water and electricity, and tourism are among the areas agreed upon in the negotiations held with Iraq.”

“We hope that the process of export development with neighboring countries, especially Iraq, will be stable and will continue and increase due to Iran’s very desirable capacities,” he added.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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