Iran can hold 20% share of neighboring states’ market: TPOI

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Iran can hold 20% share of neighboring states’ market: TPOI


With the studies made in this regard, Iran’s neighboring states enjoy the capacity of $1,100 billion worth of non-oil products to be imported to these countries, so that Iran can play a very constructive and important role in this lucrative market.

Speaking at the 7th Annual Conference of Resistance Economy on Wed., Hamid Zadboum pointed to the export of products to neighboring countries and reiterated that Iran’s neighboring states have the capacity of importing $1,100 billion worth of products.

At the order of Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the year named after ‘Surge in Production’, Iran should hold 20 percent share of neighboring countries’ market, so that Iran’s neighboring countries can yield up to $200 million worth of foreign currency.

He put Iran’s export of non-oil products to neighboring state in the past years at between $44 and $45 billion, so that the country enjoys high potential to increase the aforementioned rate.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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