Iran exports to Russia increase by 14% despite pandemic

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Iran exports to Russia increase by 14% despite pandemic


Ruhollah Latifi, Iranian Customs Administration spokesman, said that “In line with the policy of developing economic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and neighboring countries based on common interests, despite the coronavirus crisis and ban on trade at most border crossings in 1399 (March 21, 2020-2021), our exports to Azerbaijan and Russia increased.”

He added, “In 1399, more than 1.51 million tons of goods worth $504.575 million were exported to Russia, of which 604,587 tons, which accounted for 57% of our total exports to Russia, were exported through Azerbaijan to this country (Russia).”

The Customs spokesman added that in 1399 compared to 1398, there was more than 14% increase in weight and about 10% increase in the value of Iranian exports to Russia.

Regarding the increase in Iran’s exports to Azerbaijan, Latifi explained that in 1399, 1,003,67 tons of goods worth $ 510,987,000 were exported to Azerbaijan, indicating an 11% increase in weight and 18% in value compared to 1398.

He added, 396,000 tons of goods were exported to the Republic of Azerbaijan by land and the rest by rail and sea.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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