Iran-Iraq trade could hit $20bn in 2 years

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Iran-Iraq trade could hit $20bn in 2 years


Making the remarks in a conference on Tuesday, he noted that Iran pays special importance to trade, economic and political relations with its neighbors, especially Iraq, and the country is one of Iran’s most important trading partners after China.

He also named Iraqi Kurdistan as one of the main partners of Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration said in April that during the 12 months last Irnaian year, the volume of Iran’s foreign trade with its neighbors in terms of weight amounted to 82.5 million tons of various goods equal to $36.5 billion.

In the said time,  the largest volume of Iranian products was exported to Iraq i.e. 25.67 tons at the value of $7.44.

After Iraq, the main export destinations of Iranian products and goods are reportedly the UAE with 15.4 tons ($4.6 billion), Turkey ($2.53 billion), and Afghanistan ($2.3 billion).



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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