Iran planning to produce nano products in other countries

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Iran planning to produce nano products in other countries


Speaking in an interview with Mehr news agency on Tue., Dr. Saeed Sarkar reiterated that imported products are given priority to be produced in the country.

Planning is underway to make investment with other countries as joint venture for the production of nano-products in the current year (started March 21, 2021), he said, adding that it will lead to more export of nano-products to other countries.

He further noted that Nanotechnology Development Headquarters will follow up several plans in the current year, the most important of which is related to spurring export of nanotechnology- and hi-tech products overseas.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sarkar pointed to the export of nanotechnology products in previous years and stated, “Export of nanotechnology products was not satisfactory in the past two years but efforts are underway to compensate export slump witnessed in previous years in the current year.”

Turning to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, he said that intensification of sanctions terms and conditions, coronavirus pandemic and problems created ahead of money transfer, etc. were the problems that reduced export of nanotechnology products overseas over the past years.

He put the nanotechnology products exported from the country in 2017 at $77 million, the rate of which hit about $20 million in 2019, showing a considerable decline.

Manufacturing nano-based industrial parts and equipment is of the other programs which is followed up strictly by the Headquarters in the current year, he added.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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