Iran to export nano sunscreens to neighboring states

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Iran to export nano sunscreens to neighboring states


It should be noted that these nano-sunscreens were developed and produced in cooperation with Sharif University of Technology.

Dr. Mohammad-Reza Shahini Head of Innovation Department of a company producing nano-sunscreen creams broke the news on Fri. and stated that the company is exporting its products to the countries including Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Physical or chemical adsorbents are used in the production of sunscreens, he said, adding that physical absorbents reflect the sun’s harmful rays. The same is true for nano-particles. Some nano-particles such as metal nano-particles can reflect the sunlight.

The existence of nano-particles in these sunscreens has increased the efficiency and durability of product to a great extent which is done by increasing the reflection of harmful rays of sunlight, he continued.

Shahini went on to say that these nano-particles have a coating of Alkyl Silane, so that existence of this functional coating, along with the nano-scale titanium oxide particles, has caused the worms to have a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF).



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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