Iran trade volume exchange with Turkey up 53% in Q1

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Iran trade volume exchange with Turkey up 53% in Q1


According to the official statistics of Turkey, Iran’s trade value exchanged with neighboring Turkey in the first quarter of the current year in 2021 stood at about $986 million.

In this period, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s volume of trade exchanged with the Republic of Turkey has recorded about 53 percent hike from Jan. 1 to April 20, so that about $505 million of which is related to the export of products by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Turkey while about $481 million of which belongs to the import of products from neighboring Turkey.

Another statistic shows that Iran’s trade balance with Turkey has turned ‘positive’ in the first three months of the current year in 2021 which is in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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