Iran’s exporters not satisfied with Qatari customs procedures

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Iran's exporters not satisfied with Qatari customs procedures


Chairman of Bushehr Port Chamber of Commerce Khorshid Gazderazi said: “Currently, the process of customs formalities for exporters of Bushehr province in the customs of Qatar is very long and time-consuming.”

He noted that Qatari ports are among the main export destinations for Iranian exporters and it is vital to ease the exports by removing customs barriers.

Gazderazi lamented the lengthy customs procedures at the Qatari port, adding that exports of Iranian products to Qatar have witnessed a decrease in the past year due to the current obstacles. 

 Ar-Ruʼays port is a port town in the municipality of Al Shamal in Qatar. It is located on the northern tip of Qatar, approximately 127 km (79 mi) north of the capital Doha.



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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