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Dried coriander is one of the dried vegetables. The smell of coriander is in some ways similar to the smell of parsley. Coriander is found in various species around the world. In general, this plant is also called Cilantro. In North America, the term refers to the leaves and stems of the plant, but in Spanish language, it is used only for the leaves of the coriander plant. In some other lands the dried seeds of this plant are also called coriander.

Different stories have been told about coriander species in the worldwide. Some people use only leaves and stems, while others tend to use dried seeds. Both fresh and dried coriander leaves have valuable nutritional properties and can be used to prepare foods for different tastes and flavors.

The nutritional value of coriander is very different, including leaves without stems or coriander with stems and leaves. Coriander leaves contain high amounts of vitamins and have fewer minerals; on the other hand, Coriander seeds are fewer vitamins but richer in minerals. In the below table you can see these differences and nutritional value between coriander leaves and seeds.

 This nutritional value is introduced in 10 grams of the substance:

  • Coriander (% RDI) Coriander seeds (% RDI)
  • Fiber    1.1   16.8
  • Vitamin A    13.5    0
  • Vitamin C    4.5     3.5
  • Vitamin K    38.8     0
  • Manganese     2.1      9.5
  • Iron     1      9.1
  • Magnesium    0.6     8.2
  • Calcium     0.7    7.1
  • Copper     1.1      4.9
  • Phosphorus     0.5     4.1
  • Selenium     0.1     3.7
  • Potassium     1.5      3.6
  • Zinc     0.3       3.1


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