Cornelian Cherry

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zoghal akhte

Cornelian cherry

 Amazing properties and benefits of  Cornelian cherry

1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Cornelian cherry stimulates the production of good cholesterol if used  in the right amounts. Polyphenolic compounds regulate triglyceride levels in the blood. This in turn protects the body against heart attack, diabetes and obesity.

2. Improves intestinal health

Pigments that give a specific color to cornelian cherry are responsible for this activity. According to a study, these compounds do not allow harmful microbes to affect on the abdomen. They also regenerate the inner cell membrane of the abdomen and treat stomach ulcers.

3. Protects the cardiovascular system

By lowering bad cholesterol and related triglyceride levels in the blood, cornelian cherry can prevent heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Their anti-inflammatory compounds help to regulate blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

4. Cures the urinary tract infections (UTIs)

All the name and reputation that cornelian cherry has gained is for their ability to heal and avoid urinary tract infections. Flavonoids avoids bacteria from attaching to the inner cell membrane of the urinary tract. Because bacteria cannot grow in the body without attaching to the surface (adhesion), they are killed.

5. Protects the kidneys against infection

If the infection is not cured, it can spread in the kidneys! You may take large amounts of antibiotics to cure this infection. Such damage to the kidneys may lead to hospitalization. In rare cases, if the bacterium is a severe disease, recurrence of the disease may occur and target other vital organs. Cornelian cherry is very effective in protecting the kidneys against inflammation.

zoghal akhte

Cornelian cherry

6. For shiny skin

One of the prominent reasons for eating cornelian cherry can be bright skin. With about 98% water, 24% vitamin C and high levels of antioxidants, cornelian cherry is good for bright skin.

7. Avoids Breast Cancer Boost Immunity

A study in 2016 claims that cornelian cherry diets protect you against 17 different cancers. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory inhibit the growth of cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth.

They increase the activity and a certain number of immune system cells along with specific enzymes involved in defense mechanisms.

8. Reduces infection during pregnancy

Like how to fight urinary tract infections, the active ingredients in cornelian cherry reduce the risk of bacterial infections during pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, they do not provoke any congenital defects in the fetus or postpartum problems in women.

9. Cures the fungal infections

Cornelian cherry can also benefit teeth. Researches show that anti-inflammatory compounds reduce the formation of biofilms on teeth and tongue, which can reduce dental infection and decay.

10. May cure prostate disorders

Due to its effect on the urinary tract and the cure of urinary tract infections, cornelian cherry extract can help to fight benign skin disorders and related disorders. Although there is not much researches on this topic, it is said that cornelian cherry can help to cure prostate cancer.



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