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Types of dates:

  • Mozafati date
  • Piarom date
  • Zahedi date
  • Rabbi date
  • Kalote date
  • Kabkab date
  • Estamran date


Properties, benefits and health benefits of dates:

Most of the health benefits of eating dates include healing constipation, controlling cholesterol levels, intestinal closure, heart problems, anemia and sexual cases.

1. Improves constipation

The pulp of this fruit improves constipation by modifying the mineral restriction that occurs during constipation. Date fiber is also useful for digestive system use. At least 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day will make your bowels softer and avoid this condition.

2. Improves heart health

Eat only a few dates a day for your heart health; Antioxidants in dates cause atherosclerosis, which hardens the arteries and causes clots, stimulate cholesterol antioxidants from vascular cells. Dates also contain isoflavones, which are used to reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. Helps to control cholesterol

It is  an effect of dates. Eating dates, even for a healthy person, can have a positive effect on cholesterol and oxidative stress. Dates do not contain cholesterol. They are richer in iron and fiber than bananas.

4. Improves health

Date is rich in copper, magnesium, selenium and manganese – all of these are essential for keeping bones health and eliminating osteoporosis-related diseases. Dates are also rich in vitamin K, which is a blood clot and helps to your body metabolism. They also contain boron, which is good for bones health.

5. Regulates blood pressure

Dates are rich in potassium and minerals which reduce blood pressure. A Majhool date contains 167 mg of potassium, which is higher than other products. Not using potassium can also stabilize blood sugar levels if you want gaining weight and fiber. Dates Balance the effects of sodium which cause to blood pressure in your diet. Date’s magnesium relaxes your heart muscle and blood vessels, so reduce your blood pressure.

6. Increases sexual health

As shown in Indian studies, the date pollen is used in traditional medicine to increase male fertility.

7. Cures diarrhea

According to report of  Colombia university Medical Center, diarrhea can be cured by choosing foods. High potassium in dates can help to improve your condition.

8. Improves brain health

findings  have been presented  dates can protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Regular use of dates and similar fruits is associated with the risk of neuro degenerative diseases and better cognitive function in the elderly; Another study shows that eating dates reduces the rate of Alzheimer’s disease progression. Another study says that dates allow you to help with inflammation in the brain.



9. Avoids  Colon king

Dates usage reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, and also increases the beneficial power in the intestine and promotes health.

10. Increases energy

This fruit contains nutrients that help to increase energy levels. It also contains natural sugars such as fall, fructose and glucose, all of which improve energy.

11. Causes  to lose weight

Who wants to lose weight? If you are overweight and want to lose a little weight, it may be another supplement to your diet.

12.Helps to prevent night blindness

The main cause of night blindness is a lack of vitamin A; Dates are also rich in this vitamin and help to resolve this disease. In fact, people who use a lot dates, night blindness is very rare in them.

13. Avoids  poisoning

Although there is no far reading research in this area, but we have interesting results of the northern part of Nigeria. Dates (along with peppers) are added to native Beverages to make the drink less toxic.

14. Avoids hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common side effects and problems during pregnancy and due to insufficient fiber intake. Dates, as we have seen, are an excellent source of fiber. They can help with hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

15. Good for the skin

Dates contain vitamins C and D, which work on skin elasticity. This fruit can also help to skin problems – if you allow yourself to adjust your diet, will see results in the long term. Dates are also associated with anti-aging benefits, they can avoid accumulation of melanin in your body and otherwise have adverse effects. We know that hormones play an important role in skin aging and appearance; Palm kernel extract contains phytohormones that have significant anti-aging effects. The extract can also resolve wrinkles.

16. Avoid hair loss

Dates are rich in iron, which increases bloodstream in the skin and hair growth; This happens through full oxygenation to the whole body, including your scalp. Finally, it avoids hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

17. Avoids inflammation

Date palms contain components that resolve inflammation. Dates also contain good amounts of magnesium,which is a mineral that is important for immune function. If your diet have low amount of magnesium, your immune system will not be strong enough to avoid inflammation.

18. Supports the pregnancy health

Have you heard about the benefits of dates during pregnancy? Pregnant women need about 300 calories more than their non-pregnant peers, but most pregnant women tend to choose low-calorie foods, which is a mistake. Dates can help in such situation. Although dates have low calories, but they are very nutritious. We have already seen how date fiber avoids pregnancy hemorrhoids.


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