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Dried dill reduces blood lipids as well as cures indigestion. It is said that the origin of dill was from Iran, Egypt and India, and it went from these countries to the countries and continents of Europe and America and was cultivated. Cultivating dill is common in most countries around the Mediterranean. In some parts of these countries, the wind causes to diffuse its seeds and become so automotive that you get stuck in some meadows or on the sides of rocks, sidewalks and summer houses.

Dill properties

Cures indigestion

Dill is used to cure  indigestion, bloating (especially bloating in children). About 30 grams of dill seed facilitates the expulsion of intestinal bloat and therefore reduces bloating. By increasing the bile secretion and avoiding the accumulation of air in the intestine, it improves appetite. Dill is the best cure for patients with severe vomiting who can not hold any food or even water in their stomach. This type of patient should drink the dill brew slowly.

 Blood lipid reducer

Dill Stimulates secreting milk in women, and reduces blood lipids, total cholesterol, lowers LDL, increases HDL, and lowers TG triglycerides. Also, people who have hyperlipidemia disease, use dill and its seeds to cure the disease. How to use dill seeds is in the form of a detection that should be used in the amount of two cups daily and its distillate should be used one cup after lunch and dinner (Traditional medicine books). Also it is used as flavors and aromatics in the food industry and cosmetics.


It contains substances called monoterpenes that have anti-cancer properties. Pharmacological effects in it are protection against free radicals and other carcinogens. Monotone components in dill activate the enzyme glutathione transference. This enzyme attaches the glutathione antioxidant molecule to oxidized molecules, thus protect the body from free radical damage. The activity of volatile oils in dill, such as parsley neutralizes certain types of carcinogens, such as benzopyrene, found in cigarette smoke, charcoal smoke, and smoke from burning waste. Antibacterial spice: Dill essence  (Volatile oils) has antibacterial effects.

Avoids osteoporosis

Dill acts like “garlic” and is an excellent source of calcium to avoid osteoporosis. Calcium is very useful for avoiding bone loss that occurs after menopause or in certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to calcium, dill is a good source of fiber and minerals such as magnesium, iron and manganese. Dill is Used to decorate food such as salads, soups, seafood, etc. The ethanol extract of dill fruits, like its essential oil, has anti-inflammatory, sedative, and diuretic effects.

Cures heartburn

Using this plant stimulates bowel peristaltic movements and is recommended for the cure of heartburn.

Cures Insomnia

Dill is used to cure insomnia. It is rich in flavonoids and vitamin B complex, which secrete enzymes and hormones that are sedative.

Increases appetite

Dill is the best medicine for People who do not have much appetite and are thin, because it increases appetite, strengthens the stomach and gives energy to the body.

 A few other properties

–  Dill contains substances called poly acetylene, which have been shown to have antibacterial and anti fungal activities, as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

– Recommended for menstrual disorders.

– In China, dill is even used to cure  back pain due to muscle contraction.

– Dill is used along with other herbs to cure coughs, colds and flu.

– Stimulates the milk secretion in women


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