Dry celery

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Consumption properties of dried celery leaves

Strengthen the immune system

One of the main and practical properties of this product is strengthening the immune system in such a way that it protects the body against possible injuries.

Weight loss and fitness

This product is rich in substances that can help a person lose weight. By consuming dried celery leaves, the excess fats in the body are eliminated and finally it brings a suitable and balanced weight to the person.

Treatment of insomnia and nerve relief

This product, with its magnesium and potassium levels, removes insomnia and stress from the person and soothes his nerves.

Blood pressure control

Regulation and control of blood pressure is one of the most important features of this product. People who have problems with high blood pressure should use the extract of this product.

Heart health

Other properties of this product include heart health and prevention of respiratory diseases.


Other important properties of dried celery leaves
  • Blood cleanser and purifier
  • Strengthen the stomach
  • Relieve stomach pain
  • Eliminate bad breath and protect it
  • Treatment of rheumatism
  • Anticancer
  • Reduce bloating
  • Constipation treatment


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