Flower bud

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ghonche gol mohammadi

flower bud

Mohammadi flower bud is one of the varieties of red flowers (rose) and blongs to the plants of the Rosaceae family with the scientific name of Rose Damascenes.

The first birthplace of this fragrant and full of properties flower is in the ancient land of Iran. This flower is often grown in high and dry areas. Since Iranian Mohammadi flowers are grown in cold and dry climates, they are usually free of pests and very organic. In the production of dried Iranian mohammadi buds, pesticides and toxins are not used at all, therefore, they have a very high quality.

One of the most important properties of dried mohammadi flower is its soothing, refreshing and anti-depressant properties. This herb is also effective for calming the nerves, relieving aggression and suffocation, treating insomnia and depression, relaxing the nervous system. Researchers have recently proven that one of the most beneficial and amazing effects of this plant is its help for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Red flower buds are also used to strengthen the heart. Treatment of palpitations, opening of closed heart vessels, treatment of mitral valve pyrrolapia and antispasmodic properties are other uses of the herb rose for the heart system and body sweat. Rose tea can also be used to relieve menstrual cramps, and rose water or rose oil can also be used to relieve feminine discharge and treat heavy menstrual bleeding.

Other properties of this flower are healing of vaginal and cervical wounds, reducing uterine pain and treating uterine inflammation. The fresh rose plant can be used to relieve constipation and the dried bud of this plant can be used to treat diarrhea. One of the well-known properties of this medicinal plant is its use for the health and beauty of the skin. Rose is anti-inflammatory and refreshs the skin. The use of rose masks is very effective for refreshing the skin and reducing wrinkles. Rose bud poultice can be used to treat eczema and skin disorders, remove warts and eliminate burns, as well as relieve burn pain. Pollen of dried rose bud along with the myrtus herb is used to remove the bad smell of sweat. Sprinkling the dried rose powder on deep wounds will also stop bleeding and improve the wound. Reducing body fat, treating endocrine disease, helping to digest food, improving blood circulation, protecting the stomach and liver, cleansing the liver and gallbladder, and improving bile secretion are the other properties of rose buds.


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