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Jujube is also known as “red date” and “Chinese date” and its scientific name is Ziziphus jujube. This fruit is indigenous to tropical regions and rich in vitamin B12 and potassium. The benefits of jujube and its many medicinal properties can no longer be a doubt. Jujube is very effective in avoiding cancer due to its antioxidant properties. Its elements also help to protect skin from skin sensitivity.  In this article, we decide to talk about the properties of jujube or red dates.

The nutritional value of jujube in 1000 grams

  • Water  77.86 grams
  • Energy 79 k cal
  • Protein 1.2 grams
  • Fat 0.2 grams
  • Carbohydrates 23.20 grams
  • Calcium 21 mm
  • Iron 0.48 mm
  • Magnesium 10 mm
  • Phosphorus 23 mm
  • Potassium 250 mm
  • Sodium 3 mm
  • Zinc 0.05 mm
  • Vitamin C 69 mm
  • Thiamine 0.02 mm
  • Riboflavin 0.04 mm
  • Niacin 0.9 mm
  • Vitamin B6 0.088 mm
  • Vitamin B12 0
  • Vitamin RAE, A 2 micro grams
  • Vitamin IU, one 40 mm
  • Fatty acids 0
  • Cholesterol 0
1. Solves sleep problems

Solving sleep problems is one of the properties of jujube. Jujube extract can be a good home remedy for people with insomnia or restlessness. The soothing properties of the organic compounds in this useful fruit calm the mind and body, so if you do not sleep well at night, a little of jujube can be what you need for a comfortable and deep sleep.

2. Regulates bloodstream

Jujube is a rich source of iron and phosphorus which both of these sources are important elements in red blood cells. If you have iron deficiency or anemia, you may experience symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, indigestion, dizziness, and cognitive impairment. By increasing the iron and phosphorus through jujube fruit, your bloodstream  increases and as a result, oxygenation process to your organs is done better.

3. Strengthens the bones

By increasing the amount of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron that you get from jujube, you ensure the health and strength of your bones. When you get older, problems like osteoporosis can affect on you, so adding jujube to your diet can make slow this process.

4. Weight control

Eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended for losing weight. Jujube can also be included in the list of these foods. In fact, one of the jujube properties is to help controlling weight. This low-calorie and high-protein and fiber fruit provides your nutritional needs and keeps you full. As a result, you do not skip snacks between main meals, and you can stick to your diet, thus will not gaining the weight.



5.Strengthens immunity

Due to the large amount of antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin A and various organic compounds and acids in jujube, it strengthens the immune system in different ways. These antioxidants can neutralize the free radicals that cause many disease and disease. In addition, vitamin C leads to increase production of white blood cells, and as you know, white blood cells are the first defense line of our immune system.

6.Reduces stress and anxiety

Another property of jujube is to reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, jujube has been shown that acts like some sedative medicines. Jujube extract or its fruit controls your hormones and calms your mind and body.People who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety on a regular basis, consuming dry jujube or a supplement containing jujube cause to calm the mind and protects the body against the side effects of increasing stress hormones.

7. Cancer curative

Although scientists are still researching about the exact mechanism and link between jujube consumption and cancer curative , recent results show that there is a positive correlation between bio active compounds in jujube and reducing of free radicals activity and spreading of cancer cells. The antioxidants in jujube are very effective in avoiding of cancer and other chronic diseases such as heart disease.

8. Skin care

Jujube extract and juice have been used topically to cure various skin inflammations, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Jujube fruit has a similar effect. Jujube also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and scars on the face and refresh the skin by oxygenating and increasing bloodstream.

9. Helps to digest food

Jujube improves digestion process in the body due to its fiber content. Of course, saponins and triterpenoids also play a role in by optimizing the nutrient absorption and healthy food movements in the intestines. This helps to avoid constipation, abdominal pain, bloating and gastrointestinal diseases such as colon cancer.

10. Blood purification

The saponins and alkaloids in jujube are directly related to blood purification and detoxification. This antioxidant effect can prevent many diseases and also reduce stress in the body’s immune and lymphatic systems.


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