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Properties and health benefits of raisins

1. It is rich in fiber and is used as a laxative

Since raisin is a rich source of fiber, it helps to absorb natural fluids in the body. This type of fiber is insoluble fiber because it is in a large volume of water and makes easy the food movement in intestines. If you eat raisin regularly, it can also help cure constipation. One study shows that if you eat just raisins twice a day, it can improve colon function and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

2. Cure flatulence

The fiber in raisin eliminates harmful substances and the digestive toxins. This can protect against intestinal diseases, bacterial growth due to flatulence.

3. Avoid acidity

As mentioned earlier, raisin is rich in potassium and magnesium, which are a natural remedy for acidity. These minerals are two common elements of antacids because they are considered the basic pH scale.

There is two types of acidosis with a number of causes and they cure many breathing system diseases, acne, skin diseases, damage to internal organs, gout and kidneys.

4. Iron-rich (anemia curing )

Raisin contains a significant amount of iron, which is directly effective in curing anemia. It also contains many B- complex vitamins that are essential for forming new blood, and its high copper content also helps to produce red blood cells.

5. Strengthens oral health

Raisin is rich in calcium, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel for restoration. In addition, oleanolic acid is a chemicals in raisin that avoids growing oral microbes and strengthens teeth. It plays an important role in protecting teeth against erosion, creating cavities and fragility.

6. Rich in antioxidants

Raisin has high levels of antioxidants which contain catechins and phytonutrients polyphenols and protect the body against damages due to free radicals. Free radicals are one of the main factors of growing cancer cells, however more scientific evidence is still needed to confirm these findings. In addition, the fiber content increases bile excretion from the body and reduces toxins.

7. Help to improve bone health

With enhancing age, One of the problems that can occur in aging period is increasing bone fragility. One of  its reasons is that people do not use the required amount of calcium, drinking milk is not enough alone. The good news is that there are many different sources of calcium, such as raisin, that can be included in the diet. In addition to calcium, raisin also contains boron, a micro nutrient that can help to improve the body’s ability to absorb a variety of nutrients.



8. Increases fertility

Raisin stimulates libido and arousal. Most of people do not know that raisin contains an amino acid called arginine. This amino acid is responsible for strengthening sexual desire in every person. Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction and after eating raisin can have better function. Aphrodisiac Arginine is a natural substance that increases sperm motility, thus increases the chances of ovulation during sex.

Using these dried and sweet fruits daily basis will also help to increase sexual endurance.

9. To improve skin health

The antioxidants and vitamin C in raisins rejuvenate the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Their usage can avoid to create conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

10. To improve hair health

Daily use of raisin helps to have shiny and thick hair, because its vitamin C content avoids cell damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties avoid scalp irritation and dandruff.

11. To improve good sleep

Anemia and lack of iron can cause insomnia, so eating raisins, which are rich in iron can help you to get a good  sleep during night.

12. Help to control cholesterol levels

High levels of potassium, fiber, polyphenols, phenolic acid, tannins, and antioxidants in raisins help to burn cholesterol as well as lower blood pressure, thereby improving cardiovascular health.

13. Help to lower blood pressure

Eating raisin is great for high blood pressure. Many experts believe that the reason for the high efficiency of raisin in lowering blood pressure is the high level of potassium that can be found in it. Potassium can basically helps to reduce the tension in the blood vessels and the free flow of blood in the body. It can have a positive effect on the body as a whole.

14. Help to increase a healthy weight

When raisin is used alone and with physical exercise, can help you to lose weight. The abundant fiber in raisin will keep you full for longer. Raisin is especially useful for people who are underweight and want to gain weight in a healthy way. This dried fruit contains natural sugars, fructose and glucose, which can help you to gain weight without raising cholesterol levels.

15. Help to control diabetes

A number of studies have shown that raisin reduces the post-meal insulin response. It means raisin can avoid a sudden burst or jump in insulin after a meal, otherwise it can be dangerous for diabetics. Raisin also helps to control  the secretion of leptin and ghrelin which are hormones responsible for satiety or hunger to body.

16. Useful for kidney function

Raisin is rich in potassium, so its regular use can avoid the formation and recurrence of kidney stones.

17. Helps to detoxify the body

The main purpose of the liver is eliminating toxins that are found in the body and may be formed due to excessive use  of food products containing unhealthy substances. Sometimes, the environment which we are usually exposed, can also increase the number of toxins found in the body. To help your liver and get rid of toxins, you can use  enough raisin every day. This makes a huge difference. The better your liver works in detoxification, the clearer your skin will be.

Vitamins: Vitamin C, Folate, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B-6 and Pantothenic Acid

Minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium


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