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The properties of salt rock are important and innumerable. Salt rock is definitely the most natural type of salt that is formed without polluting the environment as well as chemical elements. This stone contains 84 of the 92 trace elements needed by the body, including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper and so on. Also, this stone can be available in pharmacies and drug centers in the form of powder, pill supplements or perhaps as a liquid extract in therapeutic drinks.


Different colors of salt rock




Health benefits of salt rock

Salt rock contains a number of minerals that are beneficial to your better health. In fact, salt rock is composed of 84 rare elements out of a total of 92 identified elements. Among the minerals in it, magnesium and calcium are in a high category. These minerals are essential for specific organ functions in the body. You can choose salt rock as a supplement to increase low levels of minerals in your body. Also, it should be noted that with the help of salt rock, stimulation of activity in the body becomes more intense. By using salt rock, the body receives auxiliary elements that interact with other minerals to get the most benefits in the body.

Strengthens  metabolism

Salt rock can be used to stimulate metabolism in the body. This can eventually lead to better function of the human body. Salt rock may also helps to improve the body’s water absorption, especially helps to proper function of  the digestive system along with other organs. With this natural method, minerals as well as valuable nutrients are gradually absorbed. The function of the cell as well as its relationship with other components is possible only through absorbing salt level in the blood. However, it should be noted that salt rock should be used in moderation to avoid undesirable side effects.

Relieves bronchitis and reduces the symptoms of respiratory diseases. It seems that drugs made from salt rock with the ability as natural air ionizers (air purifiers) to be interesting for you. Salt rock helps to eliminate harmful ions in the air, as result it makes breathing easier for you. These types of drugs are especially useful if used in the respiratory system, such as people suffering from bronchitis and asthma.

Improves mind

Using salt rock helps to improve oxygen flow. This, will help you to deal with seasonal emotional disorder (SAD) and strengthen your mind.

Helps to control stress

Lamps made of salt rock publish a special fragrance that helps to calm down the body as well as the mind. It may also is used to cure and manage stress.

Uses in cancer avoidance

Salt stone makes bloodstream  healthy through circulating the blood regularly, thus improves oxygenation. Therefore, according to researchers studies, salt is actually a key element to protect against cancer. This is mostly due to the inability of cancer cells to survive in the oxygen atmosphere.

Improves appetite

Eating a small amount of salt rock may help to strengthen digestion, while it also helps to improve your appetite.

Improves intestinal function

The salt rock in your daily diet can helps to strengthen bowel function. It also reduces the acidity in the digestive juices.

Improves asthma

Salt rock helps to reduce inflammation in the breathing system. So, the breathing canals open and the person breathes more easily. Some people have said that spraying salt rock on the tongue just after drinking a glass of water is just as effective. However, the interesting point about salt rock is that it will not have negative effects as long as it is used properly and moderately.

Heart health

When salt rock is consumed with water, it also helps to lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also controls irregular heartbeat. So salt rock may helps to avoid atherosclerosis, heart attacks as well as strokes.


Salt rock may be helpful through maintaining the right amount of sugar in the body and reducing insulin.So, salt rock is an important part of the diet if you have diabetes or are at risk of developing it.

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About 1/4 of the salt in the body is stored in the bones, exactly where it helps to strengthen them. When the body is without salt as well as water, sodium is excreted through the bones and can eventually lead to osteoporosis. So by drinking plenty of water and moderate salt, you can avoid osteoporosis.

Relieves muscle spasm

Potassium is important for helping muscles and their effective function. Salt rock includes not only low potassium, but also helps the body to absorb it better than other foods. As a result, it is useful for avoiding muscle pain, spasms and muscle cramps.

Cures depression

Salt rock is effective in dealing with various types of depressive disorders. Salt helps to protect the body’s two basic hormones called serotonin and melatonin, which help you to cope better with stress. These types of hormones help you to feel better and more relaxed, as well as sleep better.

Keeps dental hygiene

You can use salt water (dry salt) when brushing your teeth. You can also use the salt as a mouthwash. This solution helps to avoid bleeding gums as well as comfortable breathing.

Cure ear infection

Using salt rock as an ear cleanser can be effective in curing ear infections.

Treats acne

To reduce acne, use salt water on your face. To use salt rock as a face or body scrub, mix the salt with an unscented organic soap.

Cures foot fungus

Wet your feet with the salt water solution to see the main difference.


Pour the salt water solution on the affected skin area and rub. Then let the salt water dry.

Movement-related diseases

To get the quality of salt healing, make a bag of salt and put it around your neck.

Sore throat

Swirling the warm saltwater in the throat is a good solution. Do not swallow the salt water. This solution can relieve your sore throat.

Maintain the body’s pH coefficient in balance

Maintaining a good pH helps to maintain the body’s acid-base balance. Salt rock can be useful for fighting heavy metals in the body. Some of these metals are usually lead, arsenic, mercury and calcium. Salt has the capacity to dissolve their molecular structures.

Cures menstrual problems

If you experience menstrual cramps, use a warm salt rock solution for 30 minutes. You can also soak a cloth in salt rock water and rub it on your abdomen. Hold the cloth on your abdomen. Then cover it with a towel and put a hot water bottle on it. After 30 minutes, the blockage will go away.

Reliefs headache

Use a concentrated salt solution to massage the head and neck. You can simply use a combination of 1 teaspoon of salt rock and 1 tablespoon of cold water in a cold compress for curing intense headaches. Change it as needed.

Improves the chronic respiratory disease

Asthma, sinusitis as well as bronchitis can be cured by inhaling water and salt. Add at least 0.7 tablespoons of salt in a pot boiling water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the salt water steam. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes. Pollutants are probably eliminated from the body by inhaling saline solution in about half an hour.

Types of ores

1.Orange salt rock

2. Yellow salt rock

3. Red salt rock

4. Blue salt rock

5. White salt rock


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