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derakhte katira


Different types of tragacanth

Wired tragacanth

Ordinary tragacanth

Sheet-shaped tragacanth


Properties of tragacanth flower

1. Cures Heatstroke

One of the advantages of tragacanth is that it makes body cool in summer and make body warm in winter. Tragacanth acts as a professional cooler and reduces body temperature. It also controls runny nose in children during the summer. In summer, a drink containing tragacanth can save you from overheating. Add a little water to its dry tragacanth gum, when it gets soft, make a drink with it.

2. Increases male strength

Tragacanth gum is one of the best cures to increase male libido. This plant is a tonic for sexual problems and is a natural way to cure any sexual problems in men.

3.Cures urinary incontinence

Tragacanth gum is a very effective method for curing urinary incontinence. It also helps to relax the urinary muscles to avoid inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder stones.

4. Properties of tragacanth for hair and skin

Tragacanth is very effective for the skin and beauty. Among the properties of tragacanth for the skin, it should be said that this substance has anti-aging properties and delays the formation of skin wrinkles. Tragacanth is also good for hair and makes it looks better, in which case tragacanth gel can be used. Products such as tragacanth shampoo also has positive effects on hair beauty.

5. Strengthens breast

Tragacanth has a great effect on increasing breast size. Taking a certain dose of tragacanth daily helps to increase breast size in women.



6. Cures Constipation

Tragacanth is a powerful cure for constipation due to its laxative properties.

7. Suitable for postpartum women

Women become weakness after childbirth. Mothers who get weakness and disable after childbirth can use the properties of tragacanth to gain physical strength and be able to cope with the challenges of motherhood. It also helps to reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation. Take with a doctor’s prescription during breastfeeding.

Traditional uses of tragacanth:

  • To relieve cough, cold side effects
  • Control blood sugar
  • Used as a denture adhesive due to its adhesive properties
  • Burn treatment
  • Cure of diarrhea and constipation
  • Suppress tumors and stimulate the immune system
  • Cure of oral ulcers
  • Adjust heart rate
  • Decreased body temperature

Tragacanth is eatable and is used in medicines and foods as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer and additive. You can also add tragacanth to many foods that you eat during a day. Tragacanth can be used in vegetable dishes, sauces, mayonnaise and other condiments. It is also used as a thickener in  providing puddings, ice cream and other foods that require density. Tragacanth is used in medicines such as gels, syrups, ointments and creams as a lubricant and thickener.

In addition to oral consumption, tragacanth is used for other commercial purposes, such as the paper industry, cosmetics, and textiles: cleaning and polishing leather products, materials in printing paste for silk and crepe fabrics, tightening linen cloth, tightening creams and ointments, hair cosmetics, hand creams, toothpaste, making the painting pastels, making sugar paste to decorate cakes, making and rolling cigarettes.


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