Trade exchange vol. between Iran, Syria in ‘upward trajectory

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Trade exchange vol. between Iran, Syria in 'upward trajectory


Speaking in an interview with IRNA on Friday, Chairman of Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce Keyvan Kashefi said that Syria is currently busy reconstructing its economy in such fields as building bridges, dams, electricity infrastructure, and technical and engineering services and Iran is at the top of exporters to that country.

According to the Syrian trade statistics, the country’s trade volume with China and India has remained unchanged during the past three years, but its trade volume with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been steadily growing during the same period, Kashefi added.

Regarding the high volume of Turkey’s exports to Syria, he said, “Although Syria has sanctioned importing goods from Turkey since there are long borders between the two countries and lots of goods are smuggled from Turkey into Syria, Turkey’s exports to Syria amount to $1 billion annually.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kashefi pointed to Iran-Syria Trade Vision and said that Iran needs to continue operational planning in order to witness improved exports to Syria and imports from that country.

He also said that the Iran-Syria trade volume is expected to double during the current year in 2021, adding, “This is while that sanctions have slowed this growing trend, and due to the existing conditions in Syria, its economy has shrunk from previous $30 billion to $5 billion annually.”

According to the latest statistics of IRICA, totally, 145,700,000 tons of non-oil products, valued at $73 billion, were exported and imported from origins of the country last year (ended March 20, 2020).



News Source : 2bey Iran B2B Trade Export Import

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